30-Day Prayer & Scripture Experience

Click here for the 30-Day Prayer & Scripture Experience guide

For the prayer experience:

There is a prayer theme for each day listed on the guide. Each theme is an effort to be intentional about the specific challenges related to this coronavirus pandemic and the efforts that are being made to limit its spread. 

For the Scripture experience: 

We will use four Discovery Bible Study themes that we've already developed and posted on our DBS page. These themes—Discovering Discipleship, Parts 1 & 2, Withholding Nothing, and The Good Life—will help us clearly understand what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus Christ in "the age of the coronavirus."

Each day, read the passage from the DBS theme and journal your answers to the following questions:

  • What do we learn about God?
  • What do we learn about people?
  • How will you put this passage into practice?
  • Who do you know who needs to hear this?

Every week during this 30-day period, we'll do a "check-in" on our social media platforms, so that we can share what we're learning with one another.