Doubt Night

Why does God allow suffering? What is the point of following Christ? Doesn't science contradict the Bible?

We all have questions. We all have doubts.

Alameda is a safe place to ask questions. In fact, we encourage it! That's why we have invited Dr. Jim Baird from OC to speak at Doubt Night on Wednesday, April 17th (7 pm).  Dr. Baird specializes in Christian evidences, and he will be here to address any questions or doubts that you have.

This event kicks off the 4-week series, "The Case for Christ." Not only will our adults be going through this series, but our Ignite Kids Ministry will be following a kid-friendly version of this curriculum too. 

About the Speaker

Dr. Jim Baird is a professor of Bible and Philosophy at Oklahoma Christian University.  He specializes in Christian evidences and the philosophy of religion. 

Dr. Baird holds a doctorate from Oxford University. He has taught in OC’s College of Biblical Studies since 1992, and has been the pulpit minister at Wilshire Church of Christ since 2000. Jim and his wife Yodie have three children – James, Taylor, and Elizabeth. 

Dr. Baird is often asked to speak on Christian evidences and related topics in the United States and in various countries around the world. He says, “I love helping students realize just how powerful Christianity is as a worldview. My motto is: Ask more questions! Christians don’t ever have to run away from the truth. Over and over again, when we investigate, it is Christianity that makes the most sense, and that makes life make the most sense.”

The Case for Christ

Doubt Night kicks off the 4-week series, "The Case for Christ." This series is on Wednesday nights (7 pm), April 24th–May 8th and led by Senior Minister Rusty Tugman.

The Ignite Kids Ministry is following the kid's version of "The Case for Christ" curriculum April 17th–May 8th. 

You don't want to miss this series!