The mission of Alameda's Kids Ministry, which includes our nursery through elementary school programs, is to ignite a love of God in our children that will last as they grow up. 

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Sunday Mornings

Bible classes for preschool and elementary children are 9:45-10:30 am. You need to check-in your children at the Kids Ministry check-in gate, located on the southwest side of the auditorium. When you check in your child, he or she will receive a name tag, and you will receive a security tag with a number on it that matches the name tag.  You need to show your security tag to the teacher when you pick up your child.

During each of our worship services, we offer Power Hour for children ages 3-years-old through Kindergarten.  Power Hour lasts the entire worship hour. Please note, children are not required to attend Power Hour. You are more than welcome to keep your children with you during worship services.

Supervised nursery and toddler programs are offered for children birth through 2-years-old during both worship services and during bible class. Your little one will have special lessons, as well as play and rest times. The nursery for babies (birth to 1-year-old) is located right off the sanctuary. Toddlers are in the children's area, to be checked in at the gate on the southwest side of the auditorium.

Upcoming Events

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252 Basics

The Kids Ministry at Alameda is dedicated to partnering with parents in nurturing our students to know and love God. To help us synchronize our efforts, we use the 252 Basics curriculum for our elementary students (1st–5th grade).

It is our goal that every student leaves at the end of 5th grade knowing three basic truths based on Jesus’ growth found in Luke 2:52.

    I need to make the wise choice.

    I can trust God no matter what.

    I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Each month focuses on a virtue and how God’s plan, through many Bible characters, shows the virtue. The lessons then continue to show us how we should also pattern our lives.

Check out this video produced by the reThink Group that further explains the 252 Basics Curriculum Strategy.

If you have additional questions, please contact Anna Spray at 321-0788.